In less than a year, we created 18 campaigns - each one finding a fresh way to bring Spotify into the hearts of Gen Z fans across the world.

That's the result of total collaboration and impeccable coordination. But let’s break it down into a few main elements




For us, insight harvesting means going beyond the first swipes and connecting with Gen Z’s on a deeper level, often going off-script to find what's truly meaningful.

Local Antenna - South East Asia

Partnering with a cultural research ground crew based in Malaysia, we’ve built a team of music-loving Gen Z ambassadors in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Through multiple exchanges during our insights phase, we got inside their daily worlds - and captured those authentic feelings, quirky obsessions and cultural nuances that are crucial to inspire and inform our creative process.

Social Sweat Sessions

For the global launch of the lyrics feature, we went to where the magic was happening: TikTok.

With the help of a social media specialist, we swiped our way through hours of content - and mapped out the major trends affecting audiences’ relationship with lyrics right now.




Sure, we could have created one, two, three global ideas and let the gods decide their fate.

Instead, we gave each team the confidence to ask a big “what if?” - and go deeper into uncharted parts of world culture.

2 days. 64 ideas.

Sprints get everyone’s minds working together. This results in dozens of ideas, which get stretched, probed, merged and chopped until only the best survive.

Greatness never reveals itself the way you think it will. So we look for it from every angle.

2 days. 72 ideas.

Great things happen when you combine perspectives in a room full of insights. Think you’re the least creative person in the world? You’ll end up saying the thing the whole campaign’s based on. Anything’s possible when everyone’s allowed to play.

Better to doubt

yourself than

second guess

your audience.

The longer you work on something, the harder it is to remain objective. So, like any good scientist, we put our ideas to the test. Always.

Work. Test. Repeat.

Testing rounds are built into all sprint milestones.

Across each region, we gathered together a unique group of real consumers in our exact target audience - who accompanied the evolution of the ideas and helped us make decisions.

By breaking the internal bubble of marketeers and experts, we can guarantee that the final product will deliver its desired effects.



record time

If you want spectacular fluff, make a presentation. If you want to see if your ideas actually work, make a prototype.

From idea to prototype in just 5 days

Fast-prototyping ensures that the big calls on the final creative product are made before production, rather than during it. Which makes the whole process smoother, faster and cheaper.

and then IT’s payoff time


stream increase in
MENA vs. control group


audio listens in
Colombia vs. planned


creating playlists in
India vs. pre campaign


incremental streams
upon the launch of Lyrics


more buzz compared
to Apple Lyrics launch


lyrics being
shared daily